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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1982 Action / Adventure movie starring Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O'Toole et al.
48 HRS writer/director Walter Hill would later lament that the producers of "Beverly Hills Cop" had simply stolen the character of Reggie Hammond for their blockbuster smash.
David Patrick Kelly also played a character named "Luther" in The Warriors (1979), also directed by Walter Hill.
Contributed by: Lloyd Hummel
In addition to David Patrick Kelly (Luther), James Remar and Sonny Landham also appear in Walter Hill's "The Warriors" (Remar plays Ajax and Landham plays a cop). "48 HRS" marks the second film that Hill, Remar, Kelly and Landham are involved in.
Contributed by: Jamie Kennedy
Sonny Landham, who plays the indian, Billy, also plays an indian named Billy in Predator. He is killed when he decides to face down a better-armed enemy with only a knife, just like in 48 HRS.
Contributed by: John Noto
An aerial shot of the street going downhill is shown twice. The first time you see it you are watching the caddy, later in the movie you see the exact same shot but you are looking at the porsche.
This is one of the many films where Hill uses a bar named "Torchy's." Also, in several of his films, characters utter a variation on Cody's (Streets of Fire) and The Driver's exhortation to "Go home!"
Hill also has at least one character in many of his films drive a Sky Blue Cadillac Convertible. e.g. "48 Hours", "Brewster's Millions", "Red Heat".
Jonathan Banks later reteamed with Eddie Murphy as a villainous henchman in Beverly Hills Cop.
The Jack Cates character would later serve as inspiration when creating the Sonny Crockett character on Miami Vice. Ironically, Olivia Brown, who plays Eddie's girlfriend near the end of the film, went on as a regular on that show.
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