Sudden Impact


In this movie, Clint Eastwood uses an AMT .44 Automag replica instead of the legendary Smith and Wesson Magnum that he had been using in the previous Dirty Harry movies. The main difference between the standard AMT and Harry's gun was an 8-5/8" (for effect) vent rib barrel whereas the standard AMT came with 6-1/2" barrels. There were 2 guns made (Clint 1 and Clint 2).

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In 1971, Clint Eastwood brought us one of the most unforgettable action heroes to the big screen. Harry Callahan, better known as Dirty Harry, is a ruthless San Francisco cop who always defies the system and hates working with partners, but with his .44 Magnum, he always gets the job done, whatever the cost.

Harry dealt with a psycho killer in “Dirty Harry” (1971), took on vigilant cops in “Magnum Force” (1973), and rescued the mayor from Alcatraz in “The Enforcer” (1976).

In “Sudden Impact,” the fourth installment in the “Dirty Harry” series, Harry is suspended (again) and forced to take a vacation. But when he stumbles upon a series of murders, he decides to take the law into his own hands again and investigate.

The killer is a woman named Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Locke), who is vowing revenge on the bullies who raped her and her sister.

As gang members are being bumped off one by one, the ones who would survive are planning to strike back, putting Jennifer’s life...and freedom...on the line, but old Dirty Harry knows a bad criminal when he sees one, and he will make sure that all criminals will be brought to justice.

The key to this film’s success is the fact that it contains one of the most memorable and important catchphrases of the 80’s:

“Go ahead. Make my day.”

Although Harry is doing his job here, he cannot decide whether or not to turn Jennifer in, but if a criminal goes up against Dirty Harry, you know who will come out the winner.


“Sudden Impact” is not the best of the “Dirty Harry” flicks, but it has its share of good humor. Fans of the series should definitely check this one out.

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Strengths: With a hero like Dirty Harry, you’ll find this movie entertaining.

Weaknesses? Like all Dirty Harry movies, the plot becomes predictable along the way.

Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Sudden Impact