Shock Treatment


Fans claim that Shock Treatment is NOT a sequel to Rocky Horror, however, subtle references to the original film are hidden throughout. Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Charles Gray, Jeremy Newsom and several of the DTV crew appeared in Rocky Horror in entirely different roles. During Brad's dream sequence, Janet wanders into an arcade, where the band is playing arcade games. The game Janet plays is Space Invaders II (the brim of her hat covers the full title, for copyright reasons), suggesting that Rocky was Space Invaders I. Props from Rocky are hidden in the prop room and the Transylvanian lightning bolt appears on the wall in Janet's dressing room. The microfilm that Betty looks up is #4711 - 4711 being one of Dr. Frank-n-Furter's tattoos. Possibly the most noticeable reference is Janet's red throne at the end of the movie - it's a replica of Frank-n-Furter's throne. (Don't worry, the original silver-and-black throne wasn't painted over - it exists in its original state in the Smithsonian).

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In the typical American town of Denton, USA, Brad and Janet Majors (two ordinary, healthy kids) find themselves at the mercy of television & fast-food magnate Farley Flavors.

Using the game show Marriage Maze, hosted by blind ex-Nazi chef Bert Schnick, Farley gets Brad committed into the care of Cosmo McKinley (Richard O'Brien) and his sister and "colleague" Nation (Patricia Quinn), two over-zealous television shrinks, in an attempt to have Janet for himself.

Farley and his pawns plot to make Janet into a "sensation", crowning her as the "first of, we hope, many Miss Mental Healths!"

A sick and wonderful satire of television, mental health and of course, America, Shock Treament is virtually unknown compared to Richard O'Brien's 1975 sensation The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It's a perverse, campy and hilarious cult classic with one of the best soundtracks ever produced...

...It's a sequel. It's not a sequel.


It's no Rocky Horror, but Shock Treatment is a must-see for every fan of cult movies, musicals and Richard O'Brien's sick sense of humor.

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Strengths: Amazing music, a talented cast and a glimpse of Richard O'Brien's butt in tight pants.

Weaknesses? A murky, confusing storyline.. You have to see it a few times to understand.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Shock Treatment