Ruthless People

Have you ever dreamed of being rich? Well money can't buy you everything...

Take for instance the story from Ruthless People. This is a comic farce on what people will do for money. So if you want to see how some of Hollywood thought the rich lived then just sit back and enjoy the comic mayhem that is about to take over your world... and just remember, "Don't choke on your popcorn!"

It is 1986 and Sam Stone has robbed from the poor to feed his greedy ego. Now is their time to strike back at Sam, where they think it will hurt most, by kidnapping his wife Barbara. What they don't know is the only person left for Sam to rob is his RICH wife.

Sam has thought everything out to kill off his wife... You see Sam wants everything his wife Barbara has, and the only way to get it is to kill her. So Sam concocts a plot to take Barbara out of the picture, and his only mistake was that he has told his greedy mistress. But before Sam can carry out his fiendish plot. Barbara is kidnapped by Huey and Louie. Now everything is perfect for Sam. If he doesn't pay the ransom the kidnappers are going to kill his wife! This is 80's greed at its finest.

Will Barbara be Killed?...Will the kidnappers get their money?...Will Sam's mistress get all she is after?... Will there be no end to my questions?... I guess you will have to trust me and laugh till you gag!!!!


I have watched many many films, but this one is one of the very few that I can watch over and over again...Maybe it's Bette... Maybe it is that, even though there are so many plots intertwined, it is still believable in a sort of comic 80's way...

Watch out for a particularly hilarious scene with Judge Reinhold working in the HiFi store.

This movie is one of the prime examples of why I love the 80's

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Strengths: Good plot, strong characters, great comedy.

Weaknesses? Suspend reality and you will see none.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Ruthless People