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Zelda Rubinstein always had some sort of psychic link to her mom, I heard that they looked at the film in this movie and on one of the slides was a ghostly apparition floating above her head. Apparently Zelda's mom died that second.

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Guess Who's Back In Town... Kane!, but this time he really has gone completely mad!.

In 1982 the world gave us "Poltergeist", in 1986 we got "Poltergeist II" The inferior but pretty decent follow up. Poltergeist II took the correct path and achieved box office success by continuing and providing back-story to the events of the 1982 classic. It also helped to bring back horror's most famous family "The Freelings" while also introducing fans to the most infamous villain in horror history "Reverend Kane" brilliantly portrayed by Julian Beck who sadly died shortly after it's release.

In 1988 we got "Poltergeist III" A movie that should have never seen the light of day and went exactly where it deserved to go... "NOWHERE!".

It's only worth seeing for one simple reason "To see Heather O' Rourke's last fantastic portrayal as Carol Anne" before her completely preventable death in 1988, 6 months before the films release.

Not having JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson reprise their roles as Diane and Steve Freeling in this film indicates that even they knew something wasn't quite right with the script for this film. Hard as they might try, Tom Skerritt and Nancy Allen are not able to fill their shoes, Skerritt's Bruce is fairly likeable, but Allen's Pat/Trish is not at all a sympathetic character.

I think it was a good idea, after the first two movies, to have a different setting place, the Chicago skyscraper rather than just an ordinary house, so I at least respect the filmmakers for trying something a tad different. The problem with Poltergeist III is that it doesn't seem to take the first two films into account and as result makes no sense whatsoever!.

I still have no idea whether it is the real Donna (Lara Flynn Boyle) and her boyfriend who murder the psychologist, or demons disguised as Donna and her boyfriend?! Is Tangina (Zelda Rubinstein) dead and if so, how the hell does she keep popping up now and then?!

The whole plot divide revolving around Tangina's tacky blue necklace is downright laughable, as is the number of times the dialogue consists totally of two words... CAROL ANNE!!!!!

In Poltergeist II Kane was scary and believable in III he is just annoying "trying to sound like Julian Beck" with horrible vocal effects who can't stop saying "Carol Annneeee!" Kane must have been hit on the head during the time between II & III as he manages to forget how to speak actual sentences other then "lead us to the light", "Aunt Trish!", "you are the only angel!" and 'oh yeah I nearly forgot...' "Carol Annneeee!")

I think it is a great pity that Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne Freeling so brilliantly in all three movies, died so tragically before the release of this film. The ending had to be rewritten with a stand in and that just added to this sequel's negatives giving the movie a really stupid new ending (not that it really would have saved the movie with the original ending either). The only reason this movie was ever completed and released was because of one reason..."MONEY!", 'Bravo MGM for being so heartless on Heather's account', had Heather lived, she would have been in her 20s now - wouldn't it be interesting to know if her film career would have continued into the 1990s and 2000s?

I think if she would had actually seen this movie she would have been very disappointed. Let's all remember she never saw the final movie, she had no idea how it would turn out, from the incredibly pathetic effects to the disgustingly bad music.

The guy (Nathan Davis) who plays Reverend Kane in this film is NO MATCH WHATSOEVER for the late Julian Beck, who was so scary as Kane in Part II!. Kane is nothing more than a pathetic presence in this movie.

However, it's Richard Fire, as stupid Dr Seaton who get's the worst actor award. Even when Tangina's body turns grey and Donna comes out of her, he stands there saying rubbish like: "This is all Carol Anne's doing! It's not real, Mr and Mrs Gardner!" - puh-leeze! Hasn't he got eyes in his head?!

Summing it up Poltergeist III is an absolute turkey, but that doesn't stop some fans from thinking it's one of the greatest sequel's ever made!


Awful sequel only worth seeing for O' Rourke's last on-screen appearance before her tragic death. She really does save this movie from getting a otherwise well deserved "0".

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Strengths: Heather O' Rourke.

Weaknesses? Everything else.

Our rating: 1 out of 10

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Poltergeist III