Youngblood Soundtrack

Youngblood Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Youngblood featured the following songs:

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Not exactly a stellar collection of hits but not a bad soundtrack. Track listing thanks to Phil Martyn.Update Us

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): William Orbit

Youngblood featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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William Orbit
William Orbit
Jimmy's Jag
William Orbit
The Secret Garden
William Orbit
Theme Dream
William Orbit
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Score Trivia

Thanks to Brummy Tom UK
There is no score to my knoweldge for this film avilable but if you can hear some of the tracks from the film on William Orbit's 'Strange Cargo'.

Mike Lynn very kindly wrote in with:

I extensively researched the score of this soundtrack, which I love by the way, the best I could.

It seems like someone was a big fan of William Orbit's first two albums and put it into the film. I will break the score down first by song name, then what album of William Orbit's it was from, and finally what scenes it applied to:

"Swamp Dog" from the album "Orbit" - This song is in the scene where Dean Youngblood is training so he can prepare and make a comeback for the deciding game against the Bombers and Racki.

"Blue Street" from the album "Orbit" - this song has vocals in this album version. The vocals were edited out in the film. The scene it applies to is when Dean and Jessie meet in front of the movie theater.

"Silent Signals" from the album "Strange Cargo" - this song is 5 minutes and 56 seconds long. The only part the film uses is the beginning. If you listen closely, you'll remember it during Dean's penalty shot at the end of the movie. The film splices in different Orbit score music about 1 or 2 minutes into this track.

"The Secret Garden" from the album "Strange Cargo" - this is the track most fans will be looking for. This song is used throughout the movie as a recurring theme (mainly used for dramatic scenes). It is in the "love scene between Dean and Jessie", when "Dean goes back to the farm scene after Derek Sutton's injury", etc.

"Out Of The Ice" from the album "Strange Cargo" - great score! This song is the opening score to the movie!

"Jimmy's Jag" from the album "Strange Cargo" - this song has to be used during hockey games in the NHL to get fans pumped up! This song is used mainly during the "all out brawl scene between the Mustangs and the Bombers" and other on ice scenes.

"Theme Dream" from the album "Strange Cargo" - to put it simply, this is the closing/end theme to the film. It comes on during the final scene after Dean signs autographs to the kids and Jessie comes on the ice.

In closing, I wish this film would release an Original Score Soundtrack. It was incredibly well done and I love the eeriness to William Orbit's music. It was so hard to find these tracks if you're not a William Orbit collector and there are more songs in the film that need to be put into one big ole score soundtrack!!! Please MGM or Mr. Orbit - release the score!!!!

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