A View To A Kill Soundtrack

A View To A Kill Soundtrack


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A View To A Kill featured the following songs:

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The theme song, by 80's sensation Duran Duran, is the only 007 theme to hit #1 on the U.S. charts.

Sadly, according to lead singer Simon LeBon, "A View To A Kill" was the last song written by the band's original lineup. It would be nearly 20 years before another Duran Duran album was released by LeBon, Nick Rhodes, and the three Taylors (Andy, John & Roger).
Thanks to Svante Karlsson
I 've read on several occasions that the pop video for Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" (by Godley & Creme) is the most expensive music video of all time...not because of any expensive technique or special casting, but by the mere fact that they actually rented the Eiffel Tower for 2 days for the shots of the band. Le Bon plays Simon Le Bond, Andy Taylor has an accordion with ultra sound weapons that elliminate Nick Rhodes (fashion photographer), Roger Taylor sits in a van below the Tower and John Taylor (being the avid Bond-fan he's always been) plays a shooter on top of the building. All these roles took (at least) 2 days to film.

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