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Christopher Reeve stars as The Man of Steel
Score Music Composer(s): John Williams, Ken Thorne

The score to Superman II was never released on compact disc in the United States until the recent 8CD box set.. A combined Superman II/Superman III soundtrack/score on CD was released in Japan and shows up on Ebay from time to time.

Ken Thorne conducts music composed by John Williams.

A fun and bouncy score, less heavy than Superman I, but also a bit less technical. Leaps and bounds better than the score to Superman III.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Superman II:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Preface / Villains in Zone / Main Title March - John Williams, Ken ThorneSuperman to Paris / Lois Climbs Tower - Ken ThorneWalkie-Talkies / Gelignite Bangs / Superman Saves Lift - Ken ThorneLift Into Space - Releasing the Villains - Ken ThorneOrange Juice / Prison Intro / My Little Black Box - Ken ThorneUrsa Flies Over Moon / Spacecraft Wrecked / Moon to Earth - Ken ThorneLex Escapes - Ken ThorneSleeping Arrangements / Relaxing at Niagara / Looks Familiar / Superman Saves Boy - Ken ThorneLex and Miss Teschmacher to Fortress / Lex Plans Partnership - Ken ThorneSuspecting Lois Takes the Plunge / Clark Fumbles Rescue / Villains Land by Lake - Ken ThorneClark Exposed as Superman - Ken ThorneSheriff and Duane Meet Villains / Lovers Fly North - Ken ThorneDaddy's Rise and Fall / Flight for Flowers / East Houston Battle - Ken ThorneLovers at Dinner Table / Zod Meets General - Ken ThorneMother's Advice - Ken ThorneTo Bed - Mount Rushmore - Sweet Dreams - Ken ThornePresident Kneels Before Zod - Ken ThorneFight in Diner - Ken ThorneTV President Resigns -- Clark to Fortress - Ken ThorneReturn of the Green Crystal / Bored Zod - Ken ThorneNon Wrecks Office 1:27 - Ken ThorneAerial Battle / Zod Throws Slab / Superman Saves Spire - Ken ThorneSuperman Saves Petrol Tanker / Superman Fights Zod / Superman Flies Off - Ken ThorneVillains Take Lex and Lois to Fortress / School Games - Ken ThorneSuperman Pulls Big Switch / Superman Triumphs Over Villains - Ken ThorneSad Return - Ken ThorneLois Forgets - Ken ThorneHappy Lois Back to Normal / Superman Replaces Stars and Stripes / End Title March - John Williams, Ken Thorne
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