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Rita Coolidge, fresh from singing the Bond theme to Octopussy (“All Time High”) performed the track which appears during the closing credits, “Love Came For Me” aka The Love Theme from Splash.

Other music which is featured during the movie but not available on any soundtrack album includes "Wooly Bully" which is sung by a covers band over the opening titles, and "She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer, a version of which is perfomed by a session singer during the famous Richard Simmons workout scene televised in Bloomingdales.

The following song tracks were featured in Splash:

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Love Came To Me  -  Rita CoolidgeShe Works Hard for the Money  -  Donna Summer
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Song Trivia The film features the song 'Love came for me' as performed by Rita Coolidge, which, to this day, has never been released commercially in any format.

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Darryl Hannah rescues Tom Hanks in this charming grown up fairy tale.
Score Music Composer(s): Lee Holdridge

The score music for the movie was written and conducted by Lee Holdridge and released on Cherry Lane Records in 1984. It was later re-released in 1999 by the Supertracks label (LHCD-02) for the first time on compact disc, as a promotional collector’s item. Use our search feature to try and locate a used copy.

Some of the music featured on the 1999 soundtrack promo release is not featured in the movie itself; however some of these tracks may have been created for use in the US theatrical trailer, including the dramatic "Mermaid On The Beach" and "Underwater (Version 2)".

The magical ‘underwater’ music has become synonymous with the movie and remains one of Holdridge’s finest works.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Splash:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Main TitleFirst MeetingThe Boat / Mermaid On The BeachUnderwater - Version #1Underwater - Version #2DaydreamMadison At Bloomingdale'sIn The BarLate At NightWatching TV"I Love You"Rainy NightAll WetSneak AttackRaid On A MuseumReunionEscape And ChaseThe Leap For FreedomReturn HomeEnd TitleRainy Night - Version #2Escape And Chase - Film VersionThe Leap For Freedom - Film Version"Love Came For Me" - Solo Sax Version"Love Came For Me" - Solo Guitar Version
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Score Trivia The composition played by the music box/street musicians scene is Chopin's piano concerto # 1, op. 11. movement 2 "Romance". -Thanks to Kyl

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