Modern Girls Soundtrack

Modern Girls Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Modern Girls featured the following songs:

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Anthony and the Camp
Female Body Inspectors
Jesus and The Mary Chain
Don't Think Twice
The Bruno X Song
Rogness Scott
Roof's On Fire
The Band Of...Blacky Ranchette
Angels In The Night
Don't Think Twice
Game I Can't Win
Randy Quaid
Eyes Of Fire
Chris Nash
Lions and Ghosts
Scott Rogness
Bond Of Addiction
Scott Rogness
Everywhere I Go
Something Inside Me Has Died
Kommunity FK
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This is one of the most outstanding collections of new wave/dance songs in one movie!Update Us

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Actor Dennis Quaid performs a song that appears in the movie.
Rewind Archive
Depeche Mode never cared too much about "But Not Tonight" and apparently did not like the Modern Girls movie at all...
Thanks to 80'sRocked
The song "Don't Think Twice" by France Joli can be heard playing twice in this film, but was never released on the soundtrack. You can hear it playing in the car near the beginning of the film and also in the nightclub.
Thanks to Secret Admirer
Many of the original songs written for the movie were recorded at Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, California.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Eddie Arkin, Jay Levy


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1986 MGM
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