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Thanks to Secret Admirer
CeCe: "You know, Cliffy, the hottest nights are the ones where you don't know who you are coming home with.. Here we are.. We don't even know who we are going out with!"
Thanks to Secret Admirer
CeCe: And we never pay for parking. And we never carry cash, it's bad luck.

Margo: And we never buy our own drinks.

Clifford: Words to live by.

Margo: And we never wait in line.
Thanks to Valley
"Are you sure it was only 10 points?"
Thanks to Valley
"Hey, smile.. I've been watching ya. I watch ya quite alot. You're the sad girl that never gets to dance."
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Bruno X: "I think you should put that out."

CeCe: "Why?"

Bruno X: "Cause you might start a fire."
Thanks to Tamar Avital
"To love is not love."

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