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Most notable for "Loved by the Sun" is one of my favorites.

The following song tracks were featured in Legend:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Is Your Love Strong Enough  -  Bryan FerryLoved By The Sun  -  Jon Anderson, Tangerine DreamMy True Love's Kiss  -  Mia Sara
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Song Trivia "Is your Love Strong Enough" was co-composed by David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. -Thanks to Felipe Alvarado

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Legend Picture
Tom Cruise stars in his first 'serious' role
Score Music Composer(s): Tangerine Dream, Jerry Goldsmith

This movie is interesting because it has been released in two versions --with soundtracks by different composers! We've listed both the original theatrical version by Tangerine Dream and the Directors cut version scored with the original (and replaced) Jerry Goldsmith score...

Both Tangerine Dream's soundtrack and Jerry Goldsmith's score have been available on CD.

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Legend:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Opening - Tangerine DreamCottage - Tangerine DreamUnicorn Theme - Tangerine DreamGoblins - Tangerine DreamFairies - Tangerine DreamBlue Room - Tangerine DreamThe Dance - Tangerine DreamDarkness - Tangerine DreamThe Kitchen-Unicorn Theme Reprise - Tangerine DreamMain Title/The Goblins - Jerry GoldsmithMy True Love's Eyes/The Cottage - Jerry GoldsmithThe Unicorns - Jerry GoldsmithLiving River/Bumps & Hollows/The Freeze - Jerry GoldsmithThe Faeries/The Riddle - Jerry GoldsmithSing The Wee - Jerry GoldsmithForgive Me - Jerry GoldsmithFaerie Dance - Jerry GoldsmithThe Armour - Jerry GoldsmithOona/The Jewels - Jerry GoldsmithThe Dress Waltz - Jerry GoldsmithDarkness Fails - Jerry GoldsmithThe Ring - Jerry GoldsmithReunited - Jerry Goldsmith
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Score Trivia Composer Jerry Goldsmith's original score was removed by the studio after the first round of test screenings. In an effort to appeal to "the kids," executives commissioned Tangerine Dream to create a replacement. Goldsmith's original score was heard only with the film's European release.

When it came time to assemble the full director's cut, the original session masters for the Jerry Goldsmith score could not be located. However, Mike Ross-Trevor of Hit Factory Studios in London had kept a 2-track digital copy, mixed down from 8-track session masters, which he knew "would be worth preserving." Most of these tapes contained complete takes, which had to be re-edited from scratch to match the cues in the recut print.

Jerry Goldsmith's score was Ridley Scott's personal favorite and this change in score prompted a major fall out between Ridley Scott and Jerry Goldsmith (the latter believing he had created some of his finest work) and and sadly as a result Goldsmith never discussed the project again. -Thanks to Josh

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