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Mainly shot on a studio soundstage at Pinewood Studios, near London in the UK.

The set for Legend was one of the largest scale sets ever built. Ridley had looked are forests all over the place but had lighting issues with all of them. So he decided to just build the whole thing on a stage. They used the old Bond 007 stage because it was one of the largest available on the lot. They had hundreds of animals actually living on the set to make it as real an environment as they could. They had just finished filming "the Fairy Dance" (a scene omitted from the final cut) and in order to have the fires working they had tons of gas tanks they would just turn on to make the fire come to life.

The build up of the gas in the polysthyrene ceilings caused a small explosion that just went across the entire ceiling. By the time Ridley was called from the editing room, it was too late. The entire thing was destroyed. Ridley then went to play tennis.

Luckily, they were only about three more weeks until they were finished with that set. [Thanks to Kristin Troxel]

The underwater sequences were filmed at Silver Springs in Florida. We just returned from there and it is a beautiful location. The water is so blue and clear. I had visions of Jack hunting Lily's ring while we were boating over the main spring where the sequence was filmed. [Thanks to Amanda Thurman]

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