Johnny Dangerously Soundtrack

Johnny Dangerously Soundtrack



Background music fairly typical of 30's gansgter movies, with only one song (by Henner in the club) that is instantly forgettable as you watch her move through the audience.Update Us

The following song tracks were featured in Johnny Dangerously

Marilu Henner
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Thanks to Phil Smith
"Weird" Al Yankovic wrote and performed a song for the film called "This Is The Life". The song can be heard in some TV airings of the film during the opening credits as well as on some home video versions. The music video for the song contained many scenes from the movie and was shot in a night club setting making it look just like Johnny Dangerously!

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Unknown - Please Update Us

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The following instrumental score tracks were featured in Johnny Dangerously

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Let's Misbehave
Studio session musicians
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1984 20th Century Fox
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