Friday the 13th Soundtrack


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The following song tracks were featured in Friday the 13th:

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Man Behind The Mask  -  Alice Cooper
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Score Music Composer(s): Harry Manfredini

The soundtrack for Friday The 13th was released, but released after Friday The 13th Part 3. Grama-Vision Records released a album titled Friday the 13th Parts 1,2 & 3 with music from the first three films. [Thanks to Chad Wichterman]

Also several Halloween CD's have the theme, which is one of the greatest movie themes around, done by Harry Manfredini.

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Score Trivia The music in "Slaughter High" is very similar to the music in "Friday the 13th", with slight changes, even the music when someone or something going to happen. -Thanks to ZepJP69

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Friday the 13th