Friday the 13th

A classic stalk-n-slash from 1980... They don't write `em like this anymore!!!

The story centers around a group of teens that re-open the 'Crystal Lake' summer camp several years after a young boy had drowned and 2 counsellor's were killed.

As it turns out, the camp is believed to be cursed by the locals, including Crazy Ralph, who is one of the eerier characters on film!!!

This movie started a trend in terms of 'guys-in-masks-stalking-teens'. The special FX were created by the KING OF SPLATTER, Tom Savini, who created the illusions for DAWN OF THE DEAD, MANIAC, & several others, as well as starring as 'Sex-Machine' in "FROM DUSK TIL DAWN" later.

Kevin Bacon has a role as one of the kids & is killed off later in the movie in one of the more memorable scenes... As he lays on his bunk, an arm reaches up & grabs his head, holding it to the pillow as an arrow is pushed up through his neck. As Alice (our heroine) soon discovers, everyone has disappeared & when she wanders out into the night, she finds one poor soul hung from the door with several arrows protruding from his body.

Later, she runs out to a vehicle seen pulling up & proceeds to tell her story to the person that gets out, which turns out to be Mrs. Voorhees, the mother of the boy who drowned at that very camp many years earlier. She's got revenge on her mind & sets out to kill Alice, just as she did the rest of the counsellors of Crystal Lake... a.k.a. CAMP BLOOD!

After some running & a few wrestling matches, Alice & Mrs. Voorhees meet under the moonlight on the beach for the final battle... where Alice scoops up a machete & lops off the evil Mother's head. It falls to the ground leaving her hands flailing away in a symbolic dance of death!

Alice awakes the next morning in a canoe, as the police arrive. She lifts her head to gaze toward shore when our boy, Jason, leaps from his watery grave to drag her under!

But, alas... 'twas but a dream... In the hospital, Alice inquires to the officer about the boy, the one in the lake and she's told there "was no boy".

Her next line sets up the many sequels (some good, some bad)... "Then he's still there..."


The verdict is GUILTY!!! That's Guilty-pleasure... This movie wreaks of awesomeness!!! I really miss these films & I can't wait 'til someone has the guts to make more of `em!!!

A good story. Great scenery. Great mind-bending fun!!! Let the granddaddy of teen stalk 'n' slash teach those 90's efforts how it's done!

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Strengths: Intense drama, along with great special FX & makeup. This one a must-see for ANY 80's horror fan!!

Weaknesses? This movie divides opinion. Some people complain that the story is too weak.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Friday the 13th