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The soundtrack is mostly comprised of instrumental pieces created for the film, with the exception of Aretha Franklin's "Think" as well as the sultry "Blue Jean Blues" by ZZ Top.

The following song tracks were featured in Fresh Horses:

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Think  -  Aretha FranklinBlue Jean Blues  -  ZZ TopNo Tomorrow  -  George Hawkins Jnr
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Score Music Composer(s): David Foster, Patrick Williams

80s legend David Foster can always be relied upon to create a warm and magical score. Just click on his name above to see the sheer volume of quality work David contributed to the movies of the era. In this case, the score was done with another soundtrack maestro, Patrick Williams. Great stuff.

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Score Trivia David Mansfield was the original composer on "Fresh Horses". Although the director and producers loved what David had done, the studio wanted to go in another direction and rejected the finished score. Despite this, the unused score is still one of David Mansfield's personal favorites.

Pat Williams was then hired to write the score and David Foster collaborated with Pat on the themes. -Thanks to Nick

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