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Song Trivia The techno/trance band "Crystal Method" uses the beginning verses of the "Dark Crystal" movie as their intro on thier "Vegas" CD. -Thanks to Jeri Burke

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The Dark Crystal Picture
Score Music Composer(s): Trevor Jones

The movie has a wonderful, ahead of it's time 'Pure Moods' style soundtrack score by under-appreciated composer Trevor Jones.

The soundtrack has been available as a limited edition. Use our search device.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in The Dark Crystal:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Opening Titles And Main Theme/Mystics' SandpaintingJen Plays his PipesJen Goes To His Dying MasterDeath Of Emperor/Death Of Mystic Master/Mystics Memorial Cermony/Jen's Journey Through New WorldSkeksis Debate Leadership/Skekses Duel (Film Version)Chamberlain Is AttackedSkeksis Summoned By AlarmGarthim Are Dispatched/Jen On Aughra's MountainJen Enters Aughra's ObservatoryJen Discovers ShardObservatory Destroyed/Mystics Set OutGelflings Meet/DreamfastSkeksis Feast-Part OneSkeksis Feast-Part TwoBatbirds Dispatch/Environmental Musical Sound/Gelfling Song/Batbird Brought Down/Mystics TravellingPod Party/Destruction of Pod VillageJen and Kira Love ThemeThe Prophecy In The RuinsEscape from the Chamberlain/Kira Summons The LandstridersJen and Kira Set off on Landstriders/Pod Person DrainedThe Battle/Mystics Travelling #2Jen and Kira in the SewerKira Brought Before The SkeksisKira Drained In The Chamber of LifeKira Freed/Jen Goes In Search/Mystic Disintegrates/Mystics Travelling #3Jen Trapped In Lair/Jen Reaches Chamber Of LifeJen Discovers Crystal ChamberGelfling Frightens The Skeksis/The Crystal Made Whole/Mystics And Skeksis/Fuse/Finale/End Credits
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