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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1982 Family movie starring Jim Henson, Kathryn Mullen, Frank Oz More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Kathy Evans
When Jen is at Aughra's home, and Aughra is speaking to him, she says, "Listen, Gelfling, there is much to be learned... and you have no time." Aughra's mouth moves one too many times - kind of like watching a Chinese movie dubbed into English! Also, she had been chewing on her hair, which fell out of her mouth when she spoke, but in the next shot, it was back in her mouth again.
Thanks to 80'sRocked
When the evil Ritual Master calls for the crystal bats to fly away to watch Jen and Kira you can see thin white strings as the bats fly from the castle ceiling.
Thanks to 80'sRocked
The Gelfling puppets have three fingers and one thumb on each hand. When Kira and Jen make their way into the castle via a mouth-like entrance, Kira's right hand has five fingers in the long shot (actors, not puppets, were used for long shots of the Gelflings).
Thanks to Kathy Evans
In the "Chamber of Life", when SkekTek says, "Position the reflector", he is in the background, but his mouth is not moving as he says it.
Thanks to Kathy Evans
At the beginning of the movie, when Jen says, "The Skekses killed my mother and father", his mouth only moves for the "my mother and father" part.
Thanks to Kathy Evans
In the scene where Jen and Kira are in the boat, and Fizzgig spots the Crystal Bat, then Kira looks up at it - Kira is looking up one direction, while Fizzgig is looking up in the opposite direction.
Thanks to Anonymous
At the end, in the Chamber of Life, a puppeteer's blond head is briefly visible behind Aughra when she turns around.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "The Dark Crystal".
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