Class of 1984 Soundtrack

Class of 1984 Soundtrack

Class of 1984 Picture
Timothy Van Pattenn stars


The opening song, "I Am The Future", is by none other than Alice Cooper. Other songs were contributed by Bands like "Fear".

The theme song "I Am the Future" by Alice Cooper, can be found on his 1982 album "Zipper Catches Skin" and on the box set "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper." [Thanks to Brad Duren]

A popular band called Teenage Head appears in the film. They are from Hamilton, ON and play "Ain't Got No Sense" and "Little Boxes". I don't believe there is a soundtrack to this movie but the Teenage Head songs are the same as on their S/T LP (1979) which was rereleased in 1996 on CD/LP by Other Peoples Music. [Thanks to Derek Keenan]

We don't know if a soundtrack album was ever released... Can anyone help?Update Us

The following song tracks were featured in Class of 1984

Artists are linked if they appear in other featured movies.

Thanks to Tim
The title song was written and recorded by Alice Cooper and appears on his album zipper Catches Skin; the track is titled "I am the future".
Thanks to Mark Mireles
The band playing in the club scene is Canadian Punk Rock legends 'Teenage Head', they are performing the song "Ain't got no sense".

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Lalo Schifrin

"Stegman's Concerto" was performed by actor Timothy Van Patten himself!

Unfortunately, there was never a soundtrack for Class of 1984 released. Lalo Schifrin's score and the great classical piece performed by Timothy Van Patten in the film certainly deserve a listen.Update Us

The following instrumental score tracks were featured in Class of 1984

Composers are linked if they worked on other featured movies.

Stegman's Concerto
Timothy Van Patten
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Thanks to Daniel G. Titus
Funnily enough, the Tchaikovsky music played by the orchestra during the last scenes/killing of Stegman is the same "theme" song that was used for the first two Bad News Bears movies.

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