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Timothy Van Pattenn stars
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1982 Thriller movie starring Perry King, Tim Van Patten, Roddy McDowall et al.
Michael J. Fox has a role as a student before he was a household name.
Contributed by: Neil Lugg
Director Mark L. Lester later made "Class of 1999", a loosely-related sci-fi sequel.
Tom Holland co-wrote this movie. He also wrote and directed "Fright Night" (1985). Roddy McDowall also starred in that movie.
Roddy McDowall is one of the few child stars who successfully mastered the transition to adult actor, and in the process, he became part of our collective film memory. Born in England, McDowall had already begun to carve out a niche for himself as a child actor in British films before his family moved to America. Since then, the actor known for both his consistency and professionalism, has worked constantly in theater, film and television. McDowall has appeared in almost every major TV series of the past 20 years and well over 60 feature films, among them "Planet of The Apes" and "Fright Night".
Contributed by: ChrisKulik
Considering the fact that this film came out years before body piercings became en vogue, if you look closely, Drugstore has a safety pin going through this nose.
Look out for the O.J. graffiti in the bathroom scene... premonitions anyone???
Contributed by: Steve
Actor Perry King, who plays the tormented teacher, Andrew Norris, also played in "Mandingo", which was released in 1975 and co-starred football player Ken Norton.
The state of the high school, including the graffiti, was all real. The same school was later used in "Good Will Hunting".
Contributed by: Derek Keenan
Timothy Van Patten who plays Peter Stegman was a writer and director for The Sopranos.
Stefan Arngrim, the member of the gang named Drugstore, is the brother of Alison Arngrim, the actress who played Nellie Olsen on the tv show Little House on the Prarie.
Contributed by: Gabriel Frost
Stefan Arngrim also stared in the television show "Land of the Giants" in 1968-1970.
Contributed by: Dan Hines
It is sometimes mis-reported that Director Mark L. Lester is now working as a chiropractor in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, U.K; but the Mark Leicester who now cracks backs, is actually the guy who played the title role Oliver in the 60's musical.
Contributed by: Tammy
Timothy Van Patten is actually playing the piano in the classroom scene
Contributed by: Neil Lugg
Mark L. Lester also directed "Commando".
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