Batman Soundtrack

Batman Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Batman featured the following songs:

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The soundtrack for Batman was completely comprised of songs from a man who's as mystical as the caped crusader himself: Prince.

It seems ironic that Prince's music was chosen as a backdrop for this film, simply because it just seems so out of the blue. Not that his music is miscast, in fact it works wonderfully in Batman, it's just that using Prince's music for the first Batman film was such an original idea that it seemed almost bizarre. But then again, Tim Burton was the director and he is definitely an original man.Update Us

Song Trivia

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Although Prince made 9 songs for the Batman album, only 5 of the songs appeared in the movie: The Future (heard very well into the background at the beginning where the family is walking down the alleyway), Electric Chair (played during the party when the guy from the newspaper is buttering up to the guy), Partyman (during the scene in the museum), Vicki Waiting (at the beginning of the party, the instrumental part of the song is played), Trust (during the parade scene), and Scandalous (during the credits). The Arms of Orion, Lemon Crush, and Batdance were not in the film, but Batdance was a number one hit.
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Danny Elfman is also part of the 80s group Oingo Boingo. Probably best known for its song "Weird Science". The group disbanded in '95.
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Originally both Prince and Micheal Jackson were asked to write the soundtrack for Batman. Jackson's music would symbolise the more lighthearted side of our caped crusader and Prince's music would be used to symbolise the darker side. It became apparent this wouldn't work so well, especially with the rivalry between Prince and Jacko and, as Prince already had heaps of material, he was asked to do it alone.
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Prince was asked to create a soundtrack for the film, and after spending a couple of days on the set of batman, was so inspired that he wrote the entire album within a week!
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Prince, who wrote and performed the songs in the film, did 3 music videos. "Scandalous"; "Batdance" and "Partyman". All three can be seen on the 2 Disc Special Edition of "Batman. " Curiously, the edited 5 minute version is on the DVD, not the full length 7+ minutes.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Danny Elfman

Batman featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Score Trivia

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Danny Elfman and Tim Burton have a steady list of movies done together. They met in '85 when Burton asked Elfman to do the music for Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It was a hit and they became friends, and later went on to do the soundtracks for The Nightmare Before Christmas, he has done every soundtrack for Burton's movies with the exception of Ed Wood.
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Danny Elfman was also in "Nightmare Before Christmas". He did Jack's singing voice and the rest of the music.
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Danny Elfman, who scored the film, found later success with the Simpsons theme and other films including Spiderman.

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