My Mom's a Werewolf

As the '80s drew to an end, there were many ill-conceived attempts to cash in on the low budget horror/comedy blockbuster phenomenon typified by such movies as "Teen Wolf" and "The Lost Boys".

Some were more successful than others. Some were so bad that they've since gone on to become cult movies. Movies like "Sorority Babes in Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama" and "Night Of The Demons" racked up considerable grosses despite their low budgets and sometimes dubious content.

My mom's a werewolf is one of the least memorable late eighties horror/comedy films, but it is an entertaining one. So bad its actually great entertainment might be a phrase you would use.

Leslie Shaber's husband does not appreciate her. On a trip to the pet store Leslie accepts a date with Harry Thropen, a mysterious male stranger played by the always reliable John Saxon.

When they retire to his apartment, he gives her an unwelcome bite on her toe.

Leslie begins odd transformations, while under the watchful eye of her daughter and best friend. One of the best scenes, depicted on the movie poster, is when the hair on Leslie's legs will not stop growing. She shaves and shaves while her daughter peeks through the door's keyhole.

Later confonting Saxon's character with her newfound strange biological behaviour he lets her in on his secret. "I am a werewolf, and I need a were-wife." In one of the more memorable lines from the movie, she replies, "Let me guess, we're going to live in a were-house!"

The climax of the movie has her daughter fighting to save her mother from becoming a werewolf wife with the aid of a fortune teller. The movie has the 'family can fight any obstacle' theme as do many great eighties movies.


If you like 80s B movies, watch it -you won't be disappointed!

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Strengths: The costumes and '80s special effects.

Weaknesses? It's cheese factor.

Our rating: 8 out of 10

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My Mom's a Werewolf