The Mean Season

It’s the summer of 1985 and a Miami journalist is about to have a very bad day as he receives news that he may become the biggest story to ever hit Miami in years in the suspense thriller THE MEAN SEASON.

Currently living in Miami, Malcolm Anderson (Kurt Russell) is planning some time off with his girlfriend Christine Connelly (Mariel Hemingway), but his plans are shattered when a serial killer (Richard Jordan), who has been referred to as the "Numbers Killer," contacts him by phone. This complicates his romance with Christine as both of their lives are in grave danger.

The romance gets more and more complicated with more and more phone calls from the killer and when Christine is kidnapped, Malcolm sets out to find her before she is killed. He does find her…alive and well, but the killer is still on the loose.

Just as Malcolm and Christine are starting to settle down, the Mean Season of Miami begins to heat up when a vicious hurricane hits their home while, at the same time, the killer strikes again for one final confrontation and Malcolm must not only save Christine’s life, but also his own.


Full of suspense and good performances by Russell, Hemingway and Jordan, THE MEAN SEASON is an underrated little thriller that is watchable from start to finish.

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Strengths: A thrill ride of a movie, with Kurt Russell, Mariel Hemingway and Richard Jordan turning in good performances.

Weaknesses? Might be too mean for some.

Our rating: 8.6 out of 10

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The Mean Season