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Go behind the scenes on the 1982 Dance / Music movie starring Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves, James Laurenson More Cast

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During "The Thin Ice", Pink (Bob Geldof) can be seen floating in a swimming pool. Geldof (who is infamous for his dislike of baths) couldn't swim and instead was supported by a plastic body mould in similar manner to that used for the flying sequences in Superman (1978) (actually it's the one used in "Supergirl" (1984).
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Jenny Wright wasn't told that Geldof would be throwing that bottle at her, so her reaction of ducking was totally spontaneous.
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A scene for the song "Hey You" was filmed. It showed British police in riot gear facing off against a mob. Author Roger Waters asked this reel to be cut.
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Director, Alan Parker, walked out on this project many times, probably due to an ego clash with Roger Waters. Waters was annoyed at Parker, who didn't like the way that he wanted to make it a cult film. Pink Floyd's next album "The Final Cut" contains the following lyrics (written by Waters): "Not now John, we've gotta get on with the film show: Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow. Who cares what it's about, as long as the kids go? So not now John I've gotta get on with the show." Parker refers to this film as "the most expensive student film ever made."
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Real skinheads were used in the neo-Nazi segment.
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The scene in which Pink is calling his home from the United States and is very depressed to hear a man's voice, was made by actually placing a call to England through a random, unsuspecting AT&T operator. The conversation was recorded and played over the filmed sequence.
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During the crowd devotion scenes there was going to be a shot of members of the audience's heads exploding as they wildly cheered, loving every minute of it. Waters decided that it could not be accomplished without making it comic.
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In his autobiography "Is That It?", Bob Geldof tells the story of how he was first told about the project by his agent while riding in a taxi and how he didn't want to do it because he didn't like the music of Pink Floyd. Roger Waters knows this story, not because he read it in Geldof's book, but because the taxi driver was actually Roger Waters' brother.
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The crowd at the fascist concert were unpaid Pink Floyd fans whom the filmmakers called on to take part in the film in an advertisement.
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Bob Geldof is terrified of blood and found the razor blade scene extremely difficult to film.

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Deleted Scenes

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Alternate Versions

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