Pink Floyd: The Wall Soundtrack

AKA: The Wall

The soundtrack is, of course, more or less (see Trivia) Pink Floyd's album "The Wall".

The following song tracks were featured in Pink Floyd: The Wall:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
In the Flesh?  -  Pink FloydThin Ice  -  Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1  -  Pink FloydHappiest Days of Our Lives  -  Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2  -  Pink FloydMother  -  Pink FloydGoodbye Blue Sky  -  Pink FloydEmpty Spaces  -  Pink FloydYoung Lust  -  Pink FloydOne Of My Turns  -  Pink FloydDon't Leave Me Now  -  Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall (Part III)  -  Pink FloydGoodbye Cruel World  -  Pink FloydHey You  -  Pink FloydIs There Anybody Out There?  -  Pink FloydNobody Home  -  Pink FloydVera  -  Pink FloydBring the Boys Back Home  -  Pink FloydComfortably Numb  -  Pink FloydThe Show Must Go On  -  Pink FloydHey You  -  Pink FloydIs There Anybody Out There?  -  Pink FloydNobody Home  -  Pink FloydVera  -  Pink FloydBring the Boys Back Home  -  Pink FloydComfortably Numb  -  Pink FloydShow Must Go On  -  Pink FloydIn the Flesh  -  Pink FloydRun Like Hell  -  Pink FloydWaiting for the Worms  -  Pink FloydStop  -  Pink FloydTrial  -  Pink FloydOutside the Wall  -  Pink FloydWhen The Tiger's Broke Free  -  Pink Floyd
Are We Missing Any?

Song Trivia It annoys me to no end that I can't prove this, but the guitar chords and bass line of "Another Brick In The Wall" sound exactly like those in the Fleetwood Mac song "Tusk", only slowed down (like the GhostBusters/I Want A New Drug" scandal in reverse). Does anyone else hear the similarity, and share my suspicion? -Thanks to C.T. Warren

"The Final Cut" was originally planned to be a soundtrack of the film. A single with "When the Tygers Broke Free" and "Bring the Boys Back Home" was released in the UK, stating that these songs were taken from the forthcoming album.

Song changes from album:
When the Tigers Broke Free - added
In the Flesh? - extended/re-recorded
The Thin Ice - extended/re-mixed
Another Brick in the Wall 1 - unchanged
The Happiest Days of Our Lives - re-mixed
Another Brick in the Wall 2 - re-mixed
Mother - re-recorded/lyrics changed
Goodbye Blue Sky - re-mixed
Empty Spaces - re-recorded/lyrics changed to match the original album sleeve
What Shall We Do Now? - added
Young Lust - unchanged
One of My Turns - unchanged
Don't Leave Me Now - changed
Another Brick in the Wall 3- re-recorded
Goodbye Cruel World - unchanged
Hey You - not included
Nobody Home - unchanged
Is There Anybody Out There? - unchanged
Vera - unchanged
Bring the Boys Back Home - extended
Comfortably Numb - unchanged
The Show Must Go On - not included
In the Flesh - re-recorded
Run Like Hell - shortened
Waiting for the Worms - shortened
Stop - re-recorded
The Trial - unchanged
Outside the Wall - re-recorded

The music heard playing during the opening credits is "The Little Boy that Santa Forgot" performed by Vera Lynn. Notably, the song is about a fatherless boy. Featured on the album, the song "Vera" is referring to another classic by Vera Lynn called "We'll meet again." Its lyrics include: "We'll meet again, / Don't know where, Don't know when, / But I know / We'll meet again / Some sunny day."

People who helped on the soundtrack included jazz artist Lee Ritenour and, oddly enough, Toni Tenille of The Captain and Tenille.

The film was originally to have included live footage of five performances of Pink Floyd in concert at London's Earl's Court, however none of the resulting footage was deemed suitable.

The Pink Floyd song performed by Pink in the movie ("In The Flesh?") was actually sung by Bob Geldof. This was done to the dismay of Roger Waters, who felt Geldof's voice was too distinctly Irish.

The famous teenage anthem "We don't need no education" chorus from the title song was performed by pupils from the 1979 fourth form (13 to 14 year-olds) music class at Islington Green School in London. They apparently secretly recorded the vocals after their teacher was approached by the band's management. Recently, the 23 ex-pupils have sued for "overdue session musician royalties", taking advantage of a new Copyright law from 1997 to claim a percentage of the money earned by the music over the years!

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Score Music Composer(s): Michael Kamen

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