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Never Say Never Again Behind The Scenes

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Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1983 Action / Adventure movie starring Sean Connery, Kim Basinger, Klaus Maria Brandauer et al.
Contributed by: Willem Kulpe
One of Connery's terms for playing the Bond part again was that the Felix Leiter role was to be played by a black actor, therefore Bernie Casey was cast.
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Orson Welles was originally going to play Blofeldt, and Trevor Howard was to appear as "M".
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Sean Connery has said that he wanted to portray Bond as a little older, more rumpled and without the toupee, but was overruled by the producers.
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Author Kevin McClory enlisted the help of Len Deighton and Sean Connery when writing the script, prior to Connery agreeing to return as Bond.
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The producers apparently planned to have a gunbarrel-style opening sequence along the lines of the regular Bond series and music was composed for this. Ultimately, this idea was abandoned.
Contributed by: Bucky
The motorcycle that Bond uses is a disguised Yamaha 650 Turbo Seca.
Contributed by: Anonymous
The martial arts instructor on this film was a then unknown Steven Seagal who a one point accidentally broke Sean Connery's wrist while teaching him a move.
Deleted Scenes
When movies are made, scenes are often left on the cutting room floor.
Alternate Versions
Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie.
Never Say Never Again