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On Location...

Never Say Never Again Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Brian O. Haynes, Guy Pechard

On Location

Filming locations used include South America; England (MI6 HQ, Shrublands Heath Farm and Swadley US Air Force Base, near London); SPECTRE HQ, apprently Villefranche sur mer, France; Nassau and the Bahamas for the diving; Monte Carlo and the south of France; Malta; North Africa and the Middle East oil fields; Silver Springs, Ocala, Florida, USA

The boat landing and taxi stand at Villefrance Sur Mer. I was a US Navy officer assigned to the 6th Fleet and ran liberty/work boats off the pier at Villefrance in 1983-85. I recall seeing the movie and Mr. Bond sticking his head out from behind a tree located at the boat landing and near the taxi stand. [Thanks to Bob]

Can you help? Do you know any of the filming locations used for Never Say Never Again? [Please send them in]

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