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Working Girl Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Richard Baratta

On Location

The movies office building was filmed on the 21st floor of the 1, State Street Plaza.

The elevator lobby scenes at Tess's firm were shot in 7 World Trade Center, with the red Calder sculpture visible through the glass doors. This building was tragically destroyed on 9/11. [Thanks to Tony]

All of the trading floor scenes were filmed on the 46th floor of 55 Water in the office's of L F Rothschild. [Thanks to E Stein]

Other scenes were shot at the Midday Club, in a old house (19th century) of Irving Place (Katharine's house in Manhattan) and in two buildings on the 5th Avenue (Cooper-Hewitt Museum and the Burden Mansion). [Thanks to Benjamin Moutte]

The Ocean Yacht Club on Front Street in the Stapleton section of Staten Island.

The apartment where Tess finds her boyfriend cheating on her is on the corner of Richmond Terrace & York Ave. The church in the wedding scene is directly up the street on York Ave. UPDATE: Susan wrote in with a correction to the address adding "I know, I was born in that house 60 years ago and lived there till I was 5". [Thanks to Sumo Sid + Susan]

Downtown Heliport - New York City - East River - bottom of FDR Drive. This was for the scene where Sigourney Weaver returns from her ski trip and Melanie Griffith goes to the heliport to meet her. [Thanks to Margaret Pringle]

Can you help? Do you know any of the New York, New York (or any other) filming locations used for Working Girl? [Please send them in]

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