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On Location...

Willow Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Rory Enke, John Bernard, Jilly Gutteridge, Rachel Neale

On Location

Much of the location shooting was filmed in New Zealand, particularly in the Glenorchy area near Queenstown. There are a range of photos in the local pub commemorating this and many of the horsemen are local farmers dragged in to make up the numbers!

More was filmed in Tongariro National Park, now home to Mt. Doom of hobbit fame. [Thanks to Brian -A proud Kiwi]

Large parts of the film were shot around Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, especially the mountain scenes and part of the scene in the deserted castle. [Thanks to Philip Corner]

The castle of Queen Bavmorda was a full size facade built in Llanberis, N. Wales. It was dismantled after the movie. [Thanks to Max Pemberton]

The location of the waterfall were "Willow" and Val Kilmer refresh themselves was set in Ireland, it is the Powerscourt Waterfall. [Thanks to Errico]

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