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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1988 Fantasy movie starring Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis et al.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
While sliding down the hill on the shield, runners are visible from the sled that was used. Also, a very modern glove can be spotted on Madmartigan's left hand.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
During the fight in the castle at the end, Bavmorda's magic turns a clear day into an overcast storm. However, in a few brief shots of the sky during the fight between Madmartigen and General Kael, the sky is blue and clear with a few white clouds., the wheels are turning in the wrong direction.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
While at Tir Aslean, Elora Dannan is taken from Willow by Kael, who gallops off with the baby in his arms. Yet as we see him quickly making his way through Arik's army he is holding no baby.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
When Fin Raziel, as a goat, butts a soldier off the bridge, the hands of the goat wrangler can be seen guiding the goat to its target.
After the dogs raid the nelwin village Willow runs home to check on his wife. When he bursts into the house the front door breaks apart as it slams against the wall.
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