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Locations Manager(s): Dow Griffith, Ira S. Rosenstein

On Location

The railroad scenes where there is a shootout near the end of the film was filmed in Southern Pacific's now gone Taylor Yard just north of downtown Los Angeles.

The remaining railroad scenes (the scenes in the desert) were filmed on Kaiser Steel's Eagle Mountain Railroad, located 130 east of Los Angeles. The bridge were the Leon Little gets pushed into the water was the Eagle Mountain's bridge over the Coachella Canal. The crash at the end was filmed, partially in miniature at the railroad's mid-point, called Summit.

The tunnel were Leon Little walks out and blasts the gang's radio is the old PE subway tunnel into Los Angeles and is located just north of downtown Los Angeles. It is still present today, but is only visible from the private yard of a apartment complex.

[Thanks to Rick Kisinger for the above excellent locations info]

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