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On Location...

Thief Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Julie Chandler, Patrick Markey, Michael J. Maschio, Larry Rapaport

On Location

The house exploding scene was filmed on the 2900 block of west Catalpa Ave. [Thanks to Chris H]

The scene with the fisherman the morning after the first heist is filmed on the northeast side of the Shedd Aquarium. The lakefront has been reconstructed to include the lakefront bicycle and jogging path. [Thanks to Joe]

The scene in the junkyard takes place at the north end of Chinatown, south of 18th Street, just east of the Chicago River. The area has been replaced by Ping Tom Park. [Thanks to Joe]

The used car dealer that Frank (James Caan) owned was at the South East corner of Western and Irving Park Avenues. It was recently torn down and replaced by condominiums in the spring of 2007 [Thanks to Wes]

When Frank (James Cann) goes and confronts Leo's front man Attaglia (Tom Signorelli) about his $185.000.00 that Joe Gags had for him. This took place in location at Vertu Inc. 1040 N Halsted St, and 800 W Haines St. Chicago, IL...Note: The Express bridge overhead Halsted bridge was demolished in the early 90's. [Thanks to Matt Roman]

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