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favorite movie quotes and links to other good sites for the 1981 Thriller movie starring James Caan, Tuesday Weld, Robert Prosky et al.
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The most memorable lines from Thief.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Mr. Attaglia says to Frank.... "Who da f**k are you. Somebody know you?"

Frank says to Mr. Attaglia .... "I am the last person, in this world, that you want to f**k with."
Contributed by: Anonymous
" Your waiting for a bus that you hope never comes, 'cause you don't want to get on it, 'cause you don't want to go anywhere".
Contributed by: CE Carter
Frank: "I am the last guy in the world you want to f--k with."

Frank: "What is this, 'Dear' f--king 'Abbey'??

Leo: Your kid's mine because I bought him; you got him on loan; he is leased; you are renting him."
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