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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1985 Sci-Fi movie starring Michael Moriarty, Scott Bloom, Garrett Morris More Cast

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The Stuff Filming Locations:

Andrew wrote in to say "My Uncle used to live in a town called Accord, NY. Scenes from The Stuff were filmed somewhere in this town. I think the scene might be when they go to that old sorta deserted town where the Stuff headquarters is, and that STUFF guy dies/gets shot and it the STUFF escapes out of his body."

Yes, that was filmed on Main Street, Accord, New York. There is a small run down gas station/general store on right as you go over the bridge from Rt. 209.

The Mohonk Gate House in New Paltz was used along with the 9W Motel in the Town of Ulster just outside of the City of Kingston.

A quarry in Cementon, New York (near Castkill)was use where the pumped "The Stuff" from the ground [Thanks to Rich]

Moriarty drives past the Mount Marion post office, on Glasco Turnpike, in Mount Marion on his way into the small VA town.

Mickey's Igloo on East Chester St in Kingston, NY was used as a "Stuff" stand. [Thanks to Kate]

The only location I know of was the one I attended as I was a walk on role. There's a scene where models walk down a runway eating "The Stuff". They are wearing bathing suits and fur coats. I was one of those women. It was shot at a furrier's in New Jersey--a huge warehouse of fur coats. He also had a store in Manhattan. [Thanks to Rachael]

Towards the end there is a shot of a buncha people running out of the Jolly Cow ice cream stand on Route 9W in Kingston NY. [Thanks to Andy Animal]

The corner of John and Crown streets in Kingston as well as the radio stations on that corner, WBPM and WGHQ. I was one of the extras in the scene filmed at that location. I even had a couple of speaking lines as I was being berated by Col. Spears! [Thanks to Andre Nacmanie]

The Stuff Restaurant is entirely an effects shot and not a real location. It was a Jim Danforth matte painting of McDonald's mixed with miniatures of the other buildings (because they will be destroyed) and live action 'extras', filmed in the parking lot of the facility where his company Effects Associates were located.

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