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Starman Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Paul Pav, Patricia Ledford, Ken Lavet

On Location

The opening scenes of the spaceship crash and fire were filmed at Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area, located between Chattanooga and Powell's Crossroads, TN. A small 2 acre lake, now named "Crater Lake" was built by Tennessee Forestry, adjacent to the crash scene location.

Lynchburg, Tennessee (former Texaco gas station on courthouse square appears in one of the scenes). Being a "road" movie, many cities were used, but Lynchburg (home of Jack Daniel's) was one.

The scene where Jeff Bridges brings the shot deer to life outside the Bus Stop restaurant still stands, but slowly crumbles, along side I-24 near Kimball, Tennessee. It right next to a gas station/firework store at an exit just north of the Kimball/ Jasper exit where the big Tennessee Alabama fireworks store is, about 20 minutes from Chattanooga. [Thanks to Diamond Tim Pleshaw]

The scene where Starman is driving and runs the red light in front of a rapidly approaching tractor trailer was filmed at the intersection of Eady Road and US Highway 231 in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. The signal was a prop put up exclusively for the film. No signal exists there today.

Bowdark's Bus Stop location, where the deer on the car hood was bought back to life, was a firework's stand known by the real name of Clint's Fireworks, at the Martin Springs exit on I-24, west of Kimball, TN, and at the eastern base of Monteagle Mtn. UPDATE: Steve kindly wrote in to say that he thinks this may be the location of the old bus stop?

The scene where he sees the yellow light for the first time where she is driving in in the big (lol) town of Jasper, TN. At the time we only had one red light. its the main drag thru town and is passing the courthouse square.

Te big fiery truck crash was shot in Nashville on a stretch of Interstate that was not yet (i believe) open. [Thanks to Fairportfan]

The cabin was in an area called Mullins Cove and the cabin was later bought and moved to a place in Kimball, TN by private individuals to keep for themselves.

The entire Jasper area was used for this movie a good deal. The fireworks store for the deer scene is at Martin Mprings exit, past Kimball, TN exit 152 and before you go up Monteagle mtn. There still is the real gas station that is seen in the background there and still operational today, however the bldg is gone but was once known as the grayhound bus stop station before you went up the mtn toward Nashville, TN [Thanks to Vicki Messer]

Can you help? Do you know any of the filming locations used for Starman? [Please send them in]

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