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Starman Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Paul Pav, Patricia Ledford, Ken Lavet

On Location

Lynchburg, Tennessee (former Texaco gas station on courthouse square appears in one of the scenes). Being a "road" movie, many cities were used, but Lynchburg (home of Jack Daniel's) was one.

The scene where Jeff Bridges brings the shot deer to life outside the Bus Stop restaurant still stands, but slowly crumbles, along side I-24 near Kimball, Tennessee. It right next to a gas station/firework store at an exit just north of the Kimball/ Jasper exit where the big Tennessee Alabama fireworks store is, about 20 minutes from Chattanooga. [Thanks to Diamond Tim Pleshaw]

Bowdark's Bus Stop location, where the deer on the car hood was bought back to life, was a firework's stand known by the real name of Clint's Fireworks, at the Martin Springs exit on I-24, west of Kimball, TN, and at the eastern base of Monteagle Mtn.

The opening scenes of the spaceship crash and fire were filmed at Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area, located between Chattanooga and Powell's Crossroads, TN. A small 2 acre lake, now named "Crater Lake" was built by Tennessee Forestry, adjacent to the crash scene location.

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