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Scarface Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Frank Pierson, Susan Zwerman

On Location

The exterior of Frank Lopez's house was the Atlantis Condo on Brickell Avenue, Miami. The other house used was 485 West Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida.

The shot of the immigration bus near the start of the movie was filmed on I95 driving towards downtown Miami.

The club where tony first dances with Elvira was actually a soundstage at universal studios -I think soundstage 12. [Thanks to Mike Flores]

Alejandro Sosa's mansion in Bolivia was actually located at Montecito, CA. [Thanks to Esnad Eco]

The scene where tony visits his mom is not in miami it's in Torrance, CA. You can see the refinery behind him which also appears in "set it off", "blow" and "tequilla sunrise" [Thanks to Mike Flores]

The alley jada's character lives in is the same alley where tony's mom lived. It's much different now than in the movie. [Thanks to Mike Flores]

Tony's sister, Gina's Beauty Salon is located at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza in Westwood, CA. It is across the street from the famous chinese restaurant "Chin Chin's". The exact white building is still there as it was in the movie. It is, of course, not really a Beauty Salon!

Tony's bank where his men pull up in the van and start unloading bags of money on their shoulders and walk them up to the bank. The banker in the movie is siiting in his office talking on the phone and can see the guys unloading the bags. The building is a huge glass building. If you look real close at the banker in the window, you can see the reflection of the white railings of the 2nd floor pation right above the entrance to the building. The bank is still there and still caters to some big time money deposits. The rest of the building are commercial offices and suites. The bank building is at 16000 Ventura Blvd. You can't miss it. It looks exactly the same as in the movie.

If you stand in front of the building on the sidewalk facing west, you will be at the exact angle that the scene was shot. [Thanks to John Agayan]

For the Montana Realty Company office, they used the NW corner of Sunset Bl. and Sunset Plaza Drive in West Hollywood, CA. The neo-classical building is still there. [Thanks to Luc]

The scene in which Tony first meets Elvira (coming down the elevator) is located in Miami on Key Biscayne. The house looks exactly the same as it did in the movie and the entire back of the house overlooking the water really is comletely glass. [Thanks to Lauren Carnes]

728 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach FL. The building where Tony's brother gets chain-sawed to death, and Tony almost did too. Although it's now a Johnny Rockets Hamburger restaurant, the building looks exactly the same. The street in front is where Tony gets his revenge.

Fountainbleau Hilton, 4700 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL. The pool behind this resort was where Tony and Manny were talking about how to pick up women. Manny says he knows how, but gets slapped. It still looks the same as it did back then. [Thanks to John]

The Big White House used in the movie, (when he looks up at the GoodYear blimp, and it states the world is yours) is located at 485 West Matheson Key Biscayne. It's the same house that's supposed to be Frank's condo. This is also the house where Tony goes to meet Elvira on the pool deck when he tells her he wants her to have his children. They stayed true to this property and all the shots that were supposed to take place at Frank's condo actually took place here (including the scene right before the blimp where Tony wakes Elvira up). I spend a lot of time at this house, that's how I know =) [Thanks to B]

The shower scene happened on the famous Ocean Drive, Miami FL in apts, located now above Johnney Rockets Rest. [Thanks to Steve Richie]

The scene where Tony is talking to Omar on the payphone after the chainsaw massacre drug deal was filmed on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami. Directly across the waterway is the prestigious Star Island.

The scenes where Tony and Manny were in the immigration camp under the intersection were actually filmed in L.A. [Thanks to Jeremy Lane]

The Carlyle hotel on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach was seen in Scarface.

Can you help? Do you know any of the S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Scarface? [Please send them in]

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