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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1983 Drama movie starring Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Shenar More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Anonymous
The engine sound of the Porsche 928S that Tony drives away in after being shot at the Babylon club has a sound effect from an entirely different type of car.
Thanks to Anonymous
At the end of the film after the sunglasses-wearing hit man shoots Tony with the shotgun and he falls into the pool, the hitman is facing one way as Tony is falling but when they pan back up to the hitman he is facing another way.
Thanks to Anonymous
When Hector cuts his way through a window with the chainsaw and falls onto the stairwell outside the building you can see the mat placed on the ground to break the stuntman's fall.
Thanks to Justin Cox
In the scene where Tony shoots the door with the M203-A1 grenade launcher; It's too close. You need some distance for it to go off and explode.
Thanks to Kevin
The scene in the bathtub where he says "fly pelican!", if you look at the tv closely you see it's not a pelican it's a flamingo.
Thanks to John Stedman
The upper floor office and balcony of Tony's mansion are out of alignment with the scenes showing the interior of the building. This is because the interior (where the climactic firefight takes place) was a massive two-storey studio set, while the exterior was a real house that had a temporary upper floor extension built on to it just for the filming. Each was built to look right in itself, but they don't match.
Thanks to John Stedman
In the iconic "Say hello to my little friend" scene, Tony fires a 40mm round from an M203 Grenade Launcher at the door. These projectiles are fitted with a delay fuse that prevents detonation until they have travelled approximately 5 metres (about 17 feet).

A frame-by-frame study of the movie shows that the actual distance was around this figure. So the round might have exploded - or it might not. Don't try this at home, folks.
Thanks to John Stedman
To any New Yorker, or anyone that knows the city, there's something very strange about the scene in which Tony tails the journalist's Citroen up First Avenue.

The problem was that the starting point (Tudor City) and destination (the UN Building) are only a quarter of a mile apart but there had to be two minutes of dialogue during the drive. The filmmakers had made a problem for themselves, and it was handed to the editors with instructions to 'expertly fudge' a solution.

So the Ford Country Squire and Citroen DS do things that no car has ever done before. They 'teleport' south while going north, pass an intersection twice, and break other laws of physics. But the audience is focused on the shooting of Alberto, so no one will ever notice...
Thanks to John Stedman
Tony boasts that his new Porsche 928 will be 'bulletproofed', but sadly he's making the same mistake as the media, bad guys and good guys in general. Fact is, unless you're going to rumble down to the club in an 80 ton Main Battle Tank, your vehicle is only going to be 'bullet resistant' at best.

A heavy calibre handgun such as a .357 Magnum or a Desert Eagle will punch through up to 2 inches of laminated glass like butter. And if your enemy is clever enough to show up with a .50 calibre machine gun, then there's nothing on the commercial market that will protect you, except really good life insurance.

Looks like Tony may have realised this, because as he drives away from the Babylon Club in his new 928 there's no sign of the thickened window frames or wider black surrounds that are always used with armoured windows.

So the secret for not joining the "Tupac Shakur Club' is to take defensive driving courses, buy a tough but nimble car with plenty of power, and in a crisis to adopt the well-proven technique known as 'Getting The Hell Out Of There'.
Thanks to Anonymous
You can see that the backdrop is L. A. When they are riding the bus in the beginning of the film. (City hall)
Thanks to Anonymous
When they are chasing the target through the streets of New York Tony runs a red light and so does the bus that's next to them.

Bogus Blunders

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