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Featured Movie Location: Press conference location [on the steps by the statue]
Wanna see the real life filming location used for Press conference location [on the steps by the statue] in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Philadelphia Museum of Art, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [Google Map]

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The statue of Rocky erected in the movie is now at the Spectrum stadium in Philadelphia. Three statues were contracted by Stallone and made by artist Tom Schomberg. The IISOH (International Institute for Sport and Olympic History) has acquired the other full-size statues of ROCKY. The IISOH is keeping #2 for it's museum and giving away #3 to a majot donor. [Thanks to Harvey Abrams]

Mickey's Gym and pet store can also be found in Philadelphia. From the Frankford terminal you make a left on Kensington ave under the El, a few blocks ahead on the left hand corner you can see the Gym. It's the only building of that type on a corner. There is or was a fireplug in front of the pet shop. Both buildings including most in the area are vacant and its a bad neighborhood. From 95 south you exit Allegenny ave and turn right. Turn left at KnA, that's left under the El on Kensington ave. The Gym is a ways down on the right. It obviously doesn't say "mickeys gym". The pet store is nothing also. [Thanks to Joe]

The movie was also filmed in various locations in Los Angeles, CA. For instance, the run down ghetto of LA where Appollo first trained. [Thanks to Gerry]

Santa Monica Beach (Santa Monica pier in the background)

Marina Del Rey Beach (Marina breakwater in the background) [Thanks to Gloria Vogel]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (or any other) filming locations used for Rocky III? [Please send them in]

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