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On Location...

No Retreat, No Surrender Filming Locations

AKA: Karate Tiger
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Locations Manager(s): Bill Kreigenhoffer

On Location

The Dojo scenes were filmed at my uncle's Karate studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. My cousin Michele can be seen in the front of the class. Michele went on to become a Karate Champion under the nickname Mouse and also co-starred in "Kickboxer 4". [Thanks to Monica]

The fight scene outside the Bar where Jason's dad works was not actually filmed in Seattle. It was shot in Los Angeles, California, outside the "Brandelli's Brig". it is located on the corner of Abbot Kinney Blvd, and and Palms Blvd. [Thanks to levans]

The scenes where Jason Stilwell (Kurt Mckinney) visits the grave of Bruce Lee were filmed at the actual grave of the martial arts legend himself. [Thanks to Andrew Ellis]

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