No Retreat, No Surrender Soundtrack

AKA: Karate Tiger

There were two different soundtrack scores for the movie. Which one you got in theaters/VHS etc depended on where you lived in the world back then.

The original composer was Frank Harris and included legendary song “Hold on to the Vision”, but when the movie was released in the USA, audiences got the Paul Gilreath score outlined below and a new title song "Stand on Your Own". Frank Harris explains:

"For reasons I don’t entirely understand to this day, when the Hong Kong based original film producer had an opportunity to sell the movie to a distributor in the USA, they didn’t include my original score in the re-edit. My version still exists in the versions in the rest of the world. There could be many reasons for this and your guess is as good as mine."

Thankfully both versions are now available to buy. Use our buying guide.

The following song tracks were featured in No Retreat, No Surrender:

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Stand on Your Own  -  Paul GilreathNo Retreat, No Surrender Love Song  -  Paul Gilreath
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No Retreat, No Surrender Picture
Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the Russian
Score Music Composer(s): Paul Gilreath

Accomplished stuff. Probably the best aspect of the whole production.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in No Retreat, No Surrender:

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Making Contact (Trailer Music)It's ShowtimeMain ThemeReflectionsNo SeattleCountry Music HellBruce Lee Appears1-5Training MontageRussian AppearsPike Place MarketsYoung LoversAroma of TacomaRescueNight Out in FifeTime to Kick Ass!Race to VictoryLover's Kiss
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Score Trivia Apparently this was common at the time for movies that were originally released internationally and then released in the U.S. to have soundtracks by different composers.

Frank Harris wrote the original score/songs in just three weeks, before sending them over to Hong Kong.

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No Retreat, No Surrender