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On Location...

Raw Deal Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): John B. Griffin

On Location

The movie was shot on location in Wilmington and Castle Hayne, North Carolina as well as Chicago, Illinois.

The bridge in the beginning of the film is actually the 6th Street Bridge that later appeared in the opening credits of One Tree Hill. [Thanks to Jonathan V Schneider]

The part where the guy is thrown through the window by Arnold in what looks like a nice store is actually Independence Mall on Oleander Drive in Wilmington NC. My mom was on location that day in the mall and saw Arnold's chair with his name on it. The Mall has a new name now but is still in the same location. [Thanks to Shannon Edge]

Some of the chase scenes were shot at Navy Pier, but the final crash scene was shot in North Carolina. I was the technical adviser on the film. I was a detective sergeant on the CPD & was hired by the director John Irvin. The gravel pit scene & the crap game scene were also shot in North Carolina. I played a CPD desk sergeant and was blown up when the police station blew up, also in North Carolina. [Thanks to Don Herion]

The Gravel Pit is located just off Diamond Shamrock Rd, Castle Hayne, NC (34.367330, -77.862898). Kaminsky arrives from the dirt road that crosses Diamond Shamrock Rd. [Thanks to PaulH]

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