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The first scenes to be filmed were on a soundstage at CBS Studio Center in North Hollywood where the interior shots for the submersible scenes were first filmed.

The interior of the cave where Koplin finds Jake Hobart's frozen body on the Russian island is actually Bronson Caves, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills. White coated plastic covers the rocks to make it look like a frozen mine in the middle of the northern Russian arctic.

The Titanic salvage fleet was actually filmed off the coast of San Diego, CA.

The shot of the Titanic docked in New York Harbor was actually filmed in Greece. The bow is the ship Athinai used for the live exterior/interior shots. The rest is a matte painting.

The scenes of Pitt and Bigalow (Richard Jordan and Sir Alec Guinness) were filmed in the town of St. Ives on the northern peninsular of Cornwall. The pub where they end up at the end of this scene is called "The Sloop Inn. It turns out that they filmed both scenes during the aftermath of a Force Twelve hurricane.

The cemetery in the final scene is called Barnoon Cemetery and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The town would normally be busy with tourists but only during the summer. But if you look closely it appears they ended up filming those scenes during the Fall/Winter months, hence the quietness.

The Meridian House International building, a non-profit corporation in the field of international affairs and dedicated to supporting intercultural exchange programs and a Washington landmark and a National Register of Historic Places doubles as the U.S.S.R. Embassy in Washington D.C.

The private home of Mr. and Mrs. David Shapiro, Prospect House doubled as Sandecker's House (the only time you see it is when Pitt explains to Sandecker and Seagram his finding on the Hobart file) in the film.

The Naval Research Laboratory Cyclotron Research Facility (again, you only see this at the beginning of the film as Seagram explains the Sicilian Project) was used for the Sicilian Project Scene.

Morven Park In Leesburg, VA, former home of Thomas Swann, 19th Century governor of Maryland, doubled as the White House on close-up shots. Then on the pan-shots the actual White house was used as you see Seagram and Sandecker walk out of the gate.

The location where Dr. Seagram is explaining The Sicilain Project to the Navy Officers was filmed at Hewlett Packard in Colorado Springs, CO. [Thanks to Michael Allison]

The Russian Island exterior scenes were filmed in Valdez, Alaska and it was also the last of the principle photography: January, 1980.

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