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After the Titanic is raised and as the cameras are panning across the decks and finally past the bridge, you can see the horizon on which the tank and the ocean meet. The color of the ocean water is alot darker than the ocean water in the tank. You can also see the round rim of the tank.
As the opening credits are rolling up, it depicts the Titanic on the ocean floor. If you look closely you can see the top layer of the tank reflecting off the model. It's supposed to depict the Titanic 2 1/2 miles down but it really looks like its at the bottom of a 35-foot tank.
The island depicts trees. In the arctic circle no trees can survive the cold.
In the same scene after Seagram says, "That means the Titanic must be in excellent condition." Pitt exclaims that they're not looking for cornets but a ship that is 900 feet long. The Titanic is actually 882 feet long.

David Short kindly wrote in to add that it could just be a 'rounding' approximation when Dirk comments about the ship being 900 feet long. After all, it's easier to say 'nine hundred feet long' than it is to say 'eight hundred and eighty two and a half feet long' (although some sources say 882.75 feet long).

So, not much of a goof really?
The White Star flag flew from the rear mast, not the flagstaff at the stern (When Dirk places the flag on the stern's flag pole). The British flag flew from the flagstaff at the stern, but perhaps Dirk couldn't reach the lines on the rear mast!

And David Short kindly wrote in to say that the Blue Ensign was flown from the flag pole on the Titanic's stern on her maiden voyage because Captain Edward J. Smith was a Royal Navy Reserve officer (otherwise it would have been the Red Ensign).
The deck of the model was lifted with four lifting hooks. Ken Marschall had designed plugs to be screwed into the deck after the hooks were removed. Guess what --the hooks were never removed and if you look close when the camera pans the model when it is ready to be towed to NYC, you can see them! They look like big rings sticking out of the deck.
Contributed by: David Short
In the opening sequence with the black and white photos, the photo that zooms out from the second funnel (the broken funnel in RTT), this ship shown here is not Titanic. It is in fact Titanic's slightly older and nearly identical sister ship, Olympic (compare B-deck window spacing between Olympic and Titanic and you'll see what I mean).
When the Soviets are trying to claim the Titanic, they land a Soviet Helicopter on the deck. The problem is that this helicopter is really a U.S. made Huey (like the ones flown in Vietnam) with a red star painted on the side.
Just after the scene of  the "white model" of the Titanic is seen in the tank with divers, Dirk Pitt and the rest of the actors enter the room. Dirk has his shirt collar undone and his tie loosened to one side. In the next shot we see him with his collar and tie straighter.
When the Titanic is found, the camera moves over the top of the bow section. The left hand side of the "Athinai" bulkhead is missing, but when the ship comes up, the bulkhead has been replaced.
During the raising scenes, the cargo boom that is blocking the exit to the No1 cargo hatch is seen twisted and bent, but when you see the ship in New York, the same cargo boom is straight.
When the No.1 funnel is found, we can see 3 bars at the top of the funnel, these are funnel grates, but when the ship is raised, the other funnels that are attached to the ship are missing these bars.
During the raising scenes, the forward skylight changes. Some shots show the skylight crushed, some show it as normal before the sub crashes into it.
After the first explosions have gone off, the control cabin shows the computer drawing of a side profile of the Titanic. The profile clearly shows the stern of the ship lifting, then it cuts to Dirk Pitt who then says "she's just laying there", then when it cuts back to the computer, the ships stern has gone back down again.
At the opening of the film, when Koplin is looking for the entrance to the mine, he is using a electronic reader to search for traces of Byzanium. The shot shows the face of the counter with the needle. The needle is supposed to move, but it sticks and the actor can be seen shaking the counter to make the needle move.
When the Titanic is raised there are two 'doodads with cowl vents' (mentioned elsewhere on the site) either side of the foremast. However, after the movie's opening sequence when the camera passes over the bow of the now-sunken Titanic, these doodads are not there. No doubt this is a continuity error from when the RTT model was modified so that the forecastle deck looked like Athinai's rather than Titanic's.
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