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One Crazy Summer Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Joseph E. Foley

On Location

Most of "One crazy summer" was filmed on location at Cape Cod and Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

The gas station shots at the beginng of the movie is in Falmouth next to the off site ferry parking on 28. I was passing by when it was being shot. [Thanks to Steve]

Most/if not all of the beach scenes were done on Cold Storage Beach in East Dennis, MA. The final sailing race started and finished from Sesuit Harbor in East Dennis, MA. The jetties where Demi Moore was standing, line the harbor.

Also, the final scene on the dock, after the race, is at the Dennis Yacht Club, in Sesuit Harbor, in East Dennis, MA. All of these places are about 100 yards from one another. The producers had a banner put up which said Nantucket Regatta even though it wasn't on the island.

For about two years after, the boat (The Boat) was sitting at the Northside Marina (without the Ferrari engine) until someone came and took it away.

Woods hole is where they catch the ferry at the beginning. Main Street Nantucket is where they pass out the flyers and where the Army/Navy store is. [Thanks to Stephen Drowne]

Sea Street Beach in Hyannis, Mass. about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the famed Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport. I saw them spray paint a guard rail black because the reflective paint was ruining their shot. They never repainted it back when they were finished and that caused a traffic hazard. I enjoyed the movie and it gave me a sense of how mundane and time consuming it can be to shoot a movie scene. [Thanks to Don Furtado]

The elementary school where they go to pick up the little sister and the dog was the Hyannis West Elementary School on West Main Street in Hyannis MA.

The "Generic High" graduation was filmed at the old Barnstable High School which in the 80's was the 6th grade building for Barnstable. It's now owed by the Church and can be found at the end of High School Road in Hyannis. In the background you can just see the baseball field where the Hyannis Mets play.

The interior of the army/navy store is Mass Bay Co. on Main St. Hyannis. Though the inside has changed and may not be as reconizable. [Thanks to Joseph Piknick]

The gas station where the family stops off for gas (an old shingled station that says Mid-way Garage) and the attendants offer to 'off' their dog for them is Mid-Way Garage on Main Street in Osterville, MA. I believe the high school shown in the first part of the movie at the graduation scene is Provincetown High School in Provincetown MA. [Thanks to Rob Cushing]

The bathroom scene, where Hoops meets Cassandra, was filmed in the MBL Club in Woods Hole, MA. They built the whole set in there. I was able to be there for filming, and the set artist wrote my (misspelled) name on the wall next to the paper towel dispenser. I still have some fake money from it, with John Cusack's autograph. [Thanks to Elana]

The road where they're driving up, dragging the gas tank past a pond is School St in Woods Hole. We watched them film that since we lived on School St. [Thanks to Elana]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Massachusetts filming locations used for One Crazy Summer? [Please send them in]

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