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Featured Movie Location: Fort Ranier Naval Training Base
Wanna see the real life filming location used for Fort Ranier Naval Training Base in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Fort Worden State Park, located in Port Townsend, Washington. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): William R. Borden

On Location

At Fort Worden State Park, the balloon hanger, famous for the fight scene between Richard Gere and Lou Gossett, Jr., has now been converted into a 1200 seat performing arts pavilion.

The Blimp Hangar looks the same - if it HAS been converted - they only added seats. [Thanks to J Steik]

The dorm room used by "Mayo" was in building 204. At the end of the movie, Lou Gossett saluted them on the porch of dorm 204, now used as meeting rooms.

The web site and the information at the visitor center say that the barber shop scene was filmed at bldg 202, but in the scene the candidates are lined up on a ramp leading to the barber shop. Bldg 202 does not have a ramp. Bldg 203 next to it does have a ramp so it must be the bldg used to film this scene. [Thanks to Jim]

The opening scene (external) could not have been filmed in Seattle because there are no Navy ships in Seattle. The people at the visitor center at Ft. Worden say they were filmed in Bremerton, which does have a Navy base [But, Robert Eaton kindly wrote in to say that is not the case. The Bremerton ship yards are located there, with some naval ships stored, and or worked on. There is no navy base...] Their information sheet says that the inside scenes for the apartment were filmed at an apartment above the Olympic Hardware Store in Pt. Townsend. The store no longer exists so it is difficult to determine where it was located. [Thanks to Jim]

The scene where Richard Gere is on his motorcycle in front of the two battleships was in Bremerton, WA, just outside the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The two ships are the U.S.S. Missouri, BB 63, now at Pearl Harbor, HI, and the U.S.S. New Jersey, BB 62, the first battleship to be modified for cruise missiles and reactivated under Reagan's plan for a 600 ship navy in the early 80's. I lived in nearby Gig Harbor, WA for about 5 years, and passed this site almost daily. The battleships are gone, and several older aircraft carriers used to be moored there, waiting to be scrapped. [Thanks to Paul Clark]

The obstacle course was on the beach near Kinzie Battery. Sadly, no trace of it remains.

The airplanes in the opening scene on the parade field were brought in just for the movie, but the corner near the park office still looks the same as when Richard Gere drove around it on his motorcycle.

The pool used for the diving / rescue scenes is the swimming pool at Mountain View Middle School.

The scene where the students simulate an in water crash into the water in a cockpit and flip upside down underwater was filmed at the Naval AIr Station Whidbey Island Aircrew Survival Training Center. [Thanks to Michael Dunphy]

The set for the scene where they suffered a lack of oxygen and tried to play cards as part of their training, is still in the basement of dorm 225.

The mooning was photographed from Battery Putnam; The dance scene was in the USO building; The barber shop was in dorm 202.

The love scenes were filmed at The Tides Inn, also in Port Townsend. This small roadside inn is still in operation, and you can even stay in "The Officer and a Gentleman Suite" where the scenes were filmed! J.E.B. kindly wrote in to add that the love scenes were filmed in Room #10, the "Officer And A Gentleman" room. You'll have to reserve this room waaaay in advance as it's quite popular!

The Town Tavern, which was used for the bar scene in the film, was a prominent tavern on Water Street in downtown Port Townsend. Sadly, it has since been closed and remodeled, firstly as a new bar that was opened in the summer of 2001 -without the famous mural. Later, it was changed to a high-end coastal furnishings store. It is greatly missed by locals.
[Thanks to Drucilla Dence / Lisa]

The mural is now back in the "Town Tavern" [Thanks to Kathi Okrasa]

The papermill at Port Townsend was not available for interior scenes so they were done at what was the Champion International Corporation and is now the Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company, having changed in 1985. It can be found at 801 Portland Avenue, Tacoma, WA.

Short scenes in the beginning were also included from Seattle and the Philippines.

The Fort they shot at was Fort Warden State Park. The Blimp hangar is still there but they have since removed the aircraft.

I believe that the part where she runs around the the Ford Falcon may have been filmed the same day just up Portland Ave. in Tacoma? Having lived in Tacoma & on 30th & portland ave @ the time they filmed it, it does look right! [Thanks to Eric Miller]

The Bar in the scene where Zach gets into a fight is still operational in Port Townsend as well as the Motel that they stayed in. [Thanks to Kris]

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