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Locations Manager(s): Edward T. Parmalee

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I've only been able to identify a few locations from "Night of the Demons" and it's sequels. The main house in the film was once a huge old rambling dump at the corner of 1368 West Adams, Los Angeles, but it's been demolished and is now a Ralph's. [Thanks to William Uchtman]

The Old Man's house is at 2830 Menlo Avenue, Los Angeles, but it has been remodeled. [Thanks to William Uchtman]

Max and Frannie emerge from the house at 1346 29th Street, Los Angeles. No other locations are known. The private school in Night of the Demons 2 is somewhere in Altadena, CA. The new Hull House in Night of the Demons 3 was the Honore Mercier House overlooking Lae Saint Louis in Beauharnois, Quebec, but it has since been demolished. [Thanks to William Uchtman]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California filming locations used for Night of the Demons? [Please send them in]

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