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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Action / Adventure movie starring Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto More Cast

Locations Manager(s): John Panzarella, Greg Lazzaro, Cathy Haft, Trevor Haysom, Peter Pastorelli

Midnight Run Filming Locations:

I suspect the helicopter chase was shot on the US highway 60, east of Phoenix, from Superior to Globe. The scene takes further on US 60 from Globe to Show Low. The bridge scene, where Jack shoot the helicopter, might be at the US 60 crossing over Salt River Canyon. Can anyone confirm? [Thanks to Chip]

GM. Serrano kindly wrote in to say that those scenes are from the hi-way between Superior and Miami. And the helicoptor crash was shot at the Salt River Canyon. And La Luz Del Dia wass the cafe. This is a great movie, I rent it often just to see my home town on the Big Screen. Globe, Arizona. [Thanks to G.M. Serrano]

The "phony 20 dollar bill scene in Red's saloon was clearly filmed in the town of Williams, Arizona (30 miles West of Flagstaff). The saloon is now a restaurant called Pancho McGillicuddy's.

The next scene shot at a Circle K convenience store is just down the street on old Route 66 with the Santa Fe Railroad and tree covered mountains in the background. [Thanks to Jim Poley]

The scene in which Jack and Jonathan are in the river was actually shot in New Zealand to accomidate for the warm water with the shooting schedule (the ending credits shows New Zeland as location shots)

The New Mexico town of Channing (where the Lipmus Configuration scene was done at Red's Corner Bar) is actually Williams Arizona. The bar is now a Mexican Food Restaurant, however the Circle K is still there with the railroad tracks right by it.

BUT, Jack Young, the Locations Manager kindly wrote in to say "The Red's Corner Bar scene was filmed in Ashfork, AZ instead of Williams. It was winter time and we had to get rid of the snow." As well as his job as Locations Manager, Jack was also the Directors personal driver and had a small part. You can see him as the Amarillo Desk Sergent that released John Ashton and sent him on to Flagstaff.

Grodin explains in his book "It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here" that the old man at the bar, during the Lipmus Configuration scene, that Grodin questions when posing as a federal agent was shocked to hear that he was the same age as Grodin.

The McCarran Airport scene shot in Las Vegas was shot at the departures terminal.

The scene of the town after Jack and Jonathan jump off the train when Jack steals the convertible 4 X 4 was shot in Winslow, Arizona. Then the picture jumps to the scenes that were shot in Sedona, Arizona.

The cafe that Jack stops by after losing Jonathan to Marvin is in Sedona, but is now a cosmic style diner. [Thanks to Patrick Brogan]

The "chorizo and eggs" scene in the diner was filmed in Globe, AZ, at a diner called La Luz del Dia on Main St. The alley where De Niro and Grodin are accosted by Cerranos's thugs is on the same street. [Thanks to Jeff]

BUT, Charlie Laguna kindly wrote in to say "The chorizo and eggs scene was actually shot at a place now called Joe's Broad Street Grille in Globe. I went to Globe and tracked down La Luz Del Dia cafe for the sole purpose of finding that counter where the scene was shot. However, the proprietors of La Luz Del Dia informed me that although the exterior of their cafe came out in the movie, the actual chorizo and eggs scene was shot at Joe's. We walked over to Joe's and there we found the counter, just like in the movie. In fact, the owner at Joe's allowed my son and I to go through the kitchen to accommodate additional photos. Awesome experience." [Thanks to Charlie Laguna]

Some of the film was shot in Casa Grande, Arizona... [Thanks to Mario]

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