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On Location...

Manhunter Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Maria K. Chavez, Stuart Neumann, Robert Giardini, Shiho Ito, Steve Roberts, Elaine Smith, Michael J. Malone

On Location

Manhunter was filmed on location in a wide variety of places including Georgia, Florida, Missouri and North Carolina.

Scenes concerning Will Graham's residence were filmed on Sanibel-Captiva, Florida - I'm from the area & the scenery is unmistakable! They were filmed on the property of artist Robert Rauschenberg. [Thanks to Sara]

Dollarhyde's house was near the banks of the Cape Fear river just south of Wilmington NC. I was there for the window crash scene and a couple nights of shooting office scenes doing the "behind the scenes" doc on the movie. We also did interviews with Noonan and Mann. [Thanks to Curtis Krumel]

The insane asylum where Lector is located in this film is actually the "High Museum of Art" in Atlanta.

The scene where Will meets with Hannbal Lector in prison/jail was filmed at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA. Will runs down the ramp (from the gallery levels) to the atrium and out the main entrance of the museum. High Museum 1280 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309 [Thanks to Tina and Barry Plunkett]

The locations of the initial murders in the film - Atlanta and Birmingham - were both shot in Atlanta. [Thanks to John Thomas]

The hotel in Atlanta that Will stayed in was the Marriot Marquis in downtown Atlanta. [Thanks to Will]

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