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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Thriller movie starring William L. Petersen, Tom Noonan, Joan Allen et al.
Contributed by: Darren J Seeley
"Manhunter" director of phography, Dante Spinotti, would later also be the cinematographer for "Red Dragon" (2002).
Contributed by: Sara
To my recollection, Manhunter is the only movie in this series to have Hannibal's name spelled with a 'K': "Lecktor". In every other one, including Red Dragon (2002), it's spelled "Lector".
Contributed by: Rich Emmerson
This film features a lot of neon lighting and speakerphones, Michael Mann is known for including these in all of his films.
Contributed by: Yegan Kander
Manhunter was the springboard that X-files creator Chris Carter used in his t.v. series Millennium. The character Frank Black played by Lance Henriksen is based on the Manhunter antagonist.
Contributed by: William Stroud
William L. Peterson who plays Will Graham in "Manhunter" also plays Gil Grissom on the CBS hit tv show C.S.I.
Contributed by: Ray Bailey
Now with Petersen as Gill Grissom, the head of the CBS series CSI (note similarities in the character names of Gill Grissom v Will Graham), the character traits are more than coincidental. In watching Manhunter I thought I was watching a younger Gill Grissom as he learns his trade as the master of Crime Scene Investigations. Even the physical characteristics are carried over, as the bearded and angst ridden piercing eyes of Grissom... err.. Graham, take in every detail. Certainly Petersen, as the prime creative power behind CSI, has revisited his former role as Manhunter Will Graham in a serial format, including episodes that strongly reflect The Hannibal Lektor (sp) series (The Paul Millander episodes) while carefully skirting copyright infringement.
Contributed by: Robert Moore
Brian Cox, who of course plays Hannibal Lecktor, plays a totally opposite character type in the Broken Lizard movie, "Super Troopers".
Contributed by: Nick Springsteen
Dennis Farina has a small role in Manhunter, he was the lead actor in Michael Mann's television show 'Crime Story', as well as being in a few episodes of Miami Vice.